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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

The Myth Hunters - Christopher Golden At first The Myth Hunters strongly reminded me of Terry Brooks' Landover series; unfulfilled lawyer missing the magic and passion in his own life is drawn into another world. It's feels a little indulgently angst ridden at first, as Oliver is a lawyer, has significant financial resources, and is on the eve of marriage to a woman he has dated since high school: "He was a fly trapped in amber." As he is reading beside the window while a winter storm rages outside, he encounters a winter being who turns out to be Jack Frost. Together they escape the Falconer pursuing them into the lands beyond the Veil. The Veil turns out to be the barrier dividing the worlds, with creatures of myth, lost humans, and old human cultures like the Atlanteans. Crossing results in a death sentence for Oliver, so one of his goals becomes figuring out how to prevent his sentence. The viewpoint then starts to jump between Oliver; Collette, Oliver's sister; and Ted Halliwell, the deputy investigating the disappearances. I enjoyed the premise of multiple mythologies, although like another reviewer, found that they were usually used in only the most surface of portrayals. Golden does a very good job of creating tension and horror, between Oliver running for his life and the horror of the Sandman. The shifting viewpoints heightens the tension by bringing in the human element of a police chase. I enjoyed the book, but find the jump from chase to chase exhausting. In the beginning, there was more time to enjoy the scenery beyond the Veil, so to speak, but it soon evolved into either chase or fight scenes. To me, the interjection of the deputy's investigation and search interrupted the rhythm of the world-building of the myth. The overall effect was good enough that I'll try the second book, but doesn't rate library inclusion.