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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

Skin Deep - Mark Del Franco Actual rating 2.5 stars. I picked this up because I've been enjoying the Connor series, but almost put it down. I found the main character's three identities confusing at first and overall unbelievable. Since one identity is a PR agent and another a highly placed fey security druidess, it seems implausible that the identities are long term sustainable, despite the author's attempts to show small work-arounds in identity switching. A major emotional instability is the fact that Laura continually muses on the walls and friendless identity she has, the empty apartment, and yet is "surprised" that (spoiler) one close co-worker had suspicions of her, and a second knows part of her secret. If one identity is truly in the equivalent of the FBI, I would think co-workers would notice her isolation and be suspicious. Although the author spends time on world building, it certainly helps if you have read his other series. The plot is more action and political oriented than mystery--think Jason Bourne set in modern urban mythos. There's quite a bit of police/SWAT team and inter-agency procedure. I have to agree with another reader that the tone of the love interest seemed forced. I'll read the next in the series, but wait until the library has it available.