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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

Thunderbird Falls - C.E. Murphy I'm continuing to struggle with reading this book. The main character is so flawed, I find it hard to be sympathetic to her, although it could be because her character is inconsistent. At one moment, she is wanting to use her power to heal, at another supposedly afraid to acknowledge it exists. If she is scared of it/ refuses to acknowledge it, why does she keep doing things like looking in the spirit realm for someone who recently died? It's also surprising that instead of believing her teachers, she researches on the internet. Perhaps I am like the potential love interest and supervisor Morrison, who is irritated with her because she "fell into" something we feel passionately about, and she doesn't seem to care about the responsibility. In fact, many of her general comments in the beginning are high-school level snark--I'm just not buying into her character as a professional adult woman. As a child of police officers, I do have trouble believing some of the dynamics in the department. A cross-dressing male cop who is out to his collegues and wears nail polish at work? Highly unlikely, even in Seattle. Then there's the way she "falls into" the coven. I have trouble believing any police officer wouldn't have a few more basic questions... like coven for what? How long? Etc. Instead, she's involved in a ceremony within minutes of meeting them--and this is the same Joanne that refuses to learn from her spirit guide. From both professional and spiritual standpoints, her actions don't make sense. The premise is an unusual one; this is the first book I've read that involves shamanism and Native Americans in the urban fantasy. Her supporting cast is well done as well, and some of the dialogue snappy, so I will probably check out the next in series. This is definitely a library-borrow book, and not one that will ever make it to my extensive bookshelves.