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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

A Wild Light - Marjorie M. Liu Three and a half stars. I think Ms. Liu is improving with each book. One of her strengths is the beautiful prose and well-drawn characters, from the small role Mary and Rex play in this book, to the demons that love and guard Max. Like other readers, I found the confusion surrounding Max to be a barrier to a whole-hearted endorsement of earlier books. I understand that Max herself was also confused, but when the reader is plopped into a world that doesn't have many explanations, it creates an even greater sense of disorientation with the protagonist's identity crisis. In A Wild Light, much of the confusion becomes clear. By the end, we know more about her heritage as a Warden, how and why Wardens were created, and more about her mother's history. Although in the interest of keeping character mystery developing, we are given a teaser between Max's mom and her as-yet unknown and powerful father.Near the beginning of the book, Max suffers a selective bit of amnesia that causes her to forget Grant. This unusual plot point works beautifully in giving us a chance to experience their relationship almost as if it was happening as a "first time" meeting. As previously mentioned, this also helps clear up more of Max's personal history and gives the reader a stronger sense of Max's character and decision-making.