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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

Tales of the Otherworld - Kelley Armstrong I enjoyed reading the Tales of the Otherworld, but would suspect it is a book largely for fans."Rebirth" is a vampire birthing tale, which was moderately interesting. I had forgotten how vampires worked in Armstrong's world. "Bewitched" was one of the better stories, and describes the meeting and sweet romance between Eve Levine and Kristof Nast. I've always had a problem with Eve's character in Armstrong books, because her characterization varies so much depending on which book/story. When she is first introduced (chronologically)we are given to understand she is a witch of the blackest order. I enjoyed this background tale a great deal, but continue to be confused about the extreme dichotomy we see in her character, from sensitive, misunderstood mother to black witch for hire, willing to kill as needed."Birthright" is the story of a werewolf coming of age. This one didn't do it for me; I think it wasn't long enough or well enough characterized to care about Logan. The other men in the story are familiar from other books, but I had forgotten who one of them was, and there wasn't really enough background to help me remember. Definitely a fan-only piece."Beginnings" is the standout story, an engrossing read and remindng me of Bitten, why I started reading Armstrong in the first place. (Note to self: add Bitten to personal collection). A story of how Elena and Clay met and fell in love, and does well to capture the singlemindedness of the werewolf and the unsureness of Elena's feelings."Expectations" is about Eve and Lucas, a number of years after the first story in the collection. Anticlimactic storyline. I tend to dislike Lucas' voice as narrator and think it sounds very stilted. "Ghosts" is definitely a fan piece, and reads like a scene that ought to be from a longer format. It was interesting because I knew the character from the novels, but still didn't feel like fleshed out enough. It's the sort of scene that comes to you in inspiration, but needs to be written and lengthened to come to shareable fruition."Wedding Bell Hell" was a humorous pre-wedding tale, including intrusive in-laws-to-be. "The Case of El Chupacabra" wasn't a particularly strong mystery, but had nice moments about Lucas and Page's relationship. Again told in Lucas' voice. Had bonus moments of Cassandra, a vampire at the end of life, who provides moments of levity through her sheer non-interest in most human activities.