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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) - Jim Butcher Enjoyable. Reads like an action film meets PI meets urban fantasy. Still getting beat up, only this time, his bouncing back means making some questionable choices. Still a sucker for the women in his life; thankfully the people around him are able to point out his misconceptions. It's less annoying than in the first books, when it was obvious to everyone, including Dresden, that he was being manipulated, but he was "unable to help it" and would lead him into disasterous situations. This time his overdone chivalry surrounds rescuing a daughter he never knew he had, and while also overdone, is more understandable and less inherently sexist than usual. Susan returns from afar, and the normal group is present, Karin, Grasshopper, and Thomas. Some of the favorite side characters make appearances in very appropriate ways, including Commander Luccio, Toot-toot, Butters, and Mister. It is very action paced, with each conflict seeming to lead to more disasters. While it may not make for the best mystery and character building, it builds its own kind of suspense, and makes for an engrossing and fast read. The ending conflict was ultimately satisfying, although a little annoying with one of those "save-the-day" appearance manuevers. My one undisputable complaint was the final cliffhanger event. Really, at this point in the series, it's not necessary; we'll all be back.