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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

Vicious Circle - Mike Carey Mixed feelings about the book overall. Fix gets interested in a missing person case which opens up into a multi-pronged mystery. The mystery had a couple of twists which I enjoyed.I did think there was improvement on the pacing of the book, but there was a point mid-book where it bogged and I started to skim. My trouble with Fix's emotional state continues. He often realizes he could cooperate or play along, but obstinately decides not to--even when it's usually to his detriment. Often, he antagonizes a source, which makes getting information more difficult, and in this book, he goes so far as to antagonize the police. I still don't understand why the zombie Nikki has anything to do with Fix at all, as they mostly seem to fight, and I don't mean in a jocular, kidding way. The most compassion he show is for Abbie, the missing girl, and those he has let into his inner circle. A circle which does not seem to include his brother. He does goes through another bout of induced Rafi-guilt, and it just feels forced,. Luckily, Rafi tells Fix that he was summoning a high-ranking demon on purpose, so hopefully this becomes an emotional turning point for Fix. Luckily, I read the third book before I started on this one. I enjoyed it much more than this, so I'll be looking for the fourth.