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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

The Passage - Justin Cronin Three and a half stars. It was an enjoyable read, enough to keep me reading all day--as in eat-dinner-while-reading kind of day. It is not particularly original (must the vampires glow) and by the end, I was struck by a resemblance to Resident Evil Apocalypse. But, hey, that could be because after a while, aren't all end of the world stories kind of the same? One possible limitation, depending upon the reader, is that an atmosphere of horror and fear isn't given the chance to grow. I have to agree with another reviewer who thought the vampires weren't all that scary. Maybe instead of so much prologue, more time showing how people coped, how communities were wiped out or tried to make it without lights would have built the tension. Sure, the vamps rip people open with a slash and move amazingly fast, but really, don't cheetahs as well? Then, of course, were the one or two times when Cronin was doing an adequate job of building tension during a confrontation, then threw in the "looking back..." paragraph that lets you know our main people are going to survive. However, he still does an adequate enough job that I wasn't always sure how it would come out. I could have lived without the mysticism as well, first exemplified in Amy at the zoo. By the end, however, I was feeling the Alice (R.E.) vibe, when Alisha becomes super-powered kick-ass, and Amy makes the decision there shouldn't be any more 'like her.' Except, of course, there never were really any like Amy, since who goes to the zoo and causes animal riots? Pick up the next book? Sure--from the library.