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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

Body Work - Sara Paretsky Three and a half stars. I enjoyed it, although I put it down a couple of times because my need to move overrode my desire to pay attention. It can be a risk putting down a Paretsky book, as some of her plots are extremely convoluted, and the number of players becomes difficult to keep track of. Not as convoluted a mystery as her normal ones, which actually made it enjoyable. There are times at the end of Paretsky's books that I would have trouble articulating exactly what the chain of events and misdeeds were due to situational complexity. She doesn't make too many annoying mistakes, and it was a relief to have her finally call Petra out on her self-centeredness. I get so tired of Vic allowing herself to be castigated by the people around her when she is acting out of honorable principles. But I suppose that is one way to move a plot along. The Body Artist was interesting, and provided a fascinating side discussion on women's bodies and artistic expression. I wish Paretsky would have spent a little more time on that discussion, as one of the most interesting things about her works are her feminism and class consciousness. That's actually a compliment, as it often results in a book that is more intelligent and aware than most; this time she included a storyline that touched on Iraqi veterans, PTSD and private defense contractors that showed how the cost of joining the military is born by a family. I wonder if she's slowing down; most of her old side characters make an appearance in this book, from Graham to Finchley to Murray to Boom-Boom.