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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

Muse and Reverie - Charles de Lint Three, three and a half stars. A later collection, mostly about Newford, although de Lint is stretching a bit and very few stories are about the standard Newford characters. Because of that, people who haven't read any de Lint won't find it any trouble to follow. Much of it is poetic in typical de Lint style, but some of the stories experiment with other techniques, almost as if de Lint set out to play with all the standard urban fantasy settings."Somewhere in My Mind There Is a Painting Box" was classic de Lint. Beautiful, poetic writing, about a young orphan woman who finds a painting box, and encounters a painter who was lost in faerie. Special nod to the Apple Tree Man."Refinerytown" has Newford staples Jilly, Sophie, and Goon. I've missed a few books, so Jilly appears post disabling accident. It's partly about her coping, and partly about a comic artist interacting with a character from her strip. Enjoyed this the least."Crow Girls Christmas" was short, cute and full of giggles. I confess a special appreciation for the magical twins."Dark Eyes, Faith, and Devotion" was similarly uncomfortable, a little more flirting with the dark side of urban fantasy. Cab driver meets a witchy woman who asks for his help rescuing his cat."Riding Shotgun" was rather eerie and uncomfortable about two brothers, one of whom dies in a car accident. A little more of a human horror twist than one would expect. "Sweet Forget-Me-Not" was another sweet de Lint story about a young outcast Muslim boy falling in love with a gemmin in the park."That Was Radio Clash" was an interesting time travel story around music and second choices."The Butter Spirit's Tithe" was enjoyable in its interweaving of Irish folklore into a guitar player's life. Luckily, his accordion-playing partner knows some unusual tricks."Da Slockit Light" was interesting. Meran, one of my favorites from Newford, and the Undercity both played a strong role. Unfortunately, it is a little bit of a morality tale, and the message of mutual respect are forceful."The Hour Before Dawn" was set in 1957 and was a take on the noir private detective who drinks too much and who sees ghosts."Newford Spook Squad" is another interesting style deviation, a little more like the supernatural police procedural, except Hellboy makes an appearance. Interesting but odd."In Sight," was an odd play on words. About an older and younger musician looking for success."The World in a Box" was an odd little story about wish fulfillment, consequences and love.