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― Voltaire

Monster Hunter Vendetta - Larry Correia Correia's written another fun action adventure that was almost impossible to put down. Monsters International is back, only this time Owen and MHIs are on the defensive. There's a mild "who-is-it" mystery to identify the new bad guy looking to turn Owen in to the Old Ones, and a more pressing one regarding an internal traitor. While no one will claim this is literature at it's best, its a well written action story that leaves many thrillers faltering by comparison.I only have two real complaints. I felt the initial start to the book was rocky; while I understand we need to have a review for new readers, the "explain-to-new-character" device is clunky, and comes off forced since Owen is breaking state secrets to a Mexican interrogator. It would have played better with a new agent or as a case review, given that Owen was under a death threat from his own government if he spilled the big monster secret. The other complaint is the scene with the Birmingham Gnomes came dangerously close to silly for an action book. I suppose it was some sort of equivalent to elves living in the trailer park, but the elf scene didn't indulge in quite as many stereotypes or puns. Correia pulled it back, but barely. He goes there again in a scene with a (internet) troll, but since it's absolutely hysterical, I forgive it. If you've been in a forum or played a game online, you will laugh out loud.One thing I enjoy about the MHI series is that Owen is a very likeable hero. While he knows himself well, he isn't always insightful as to other people's motivations or feelings, but his developing "powers" are helping him develop insight. His main character flaw is giving in to impulsiveness when his emotions are involved, but it's one that is easy to empathize with. Frankly, after so many anti-heroes, it's a welcome change to have someone plain ol' likeable. The gun/weapon angle is mentioned by many enthusiasts as an area where Correia shines. While I can't speak to the expertise, I can say that I didn't find the weapon lore overly intrusive or baffling, despite being fairly ignorant. Don't let it scare you off!Fun lines: "He smiled, and in the dark I wasn't sure if the government man or Susan had been more intimidating, but for totally different reasons. One because it represented a soulless entity with the power to suck the very blood from the innocent, and the other because it was a vampire.""Dad, don't shoot that last guy anymore. The cops want to question him.""And just like that, I was a married man. I couldn't kiss the bride, because I was infected by a zombie, but other than that, it was actually a pretty happy moment."