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“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.”
― Voltaire

Explosive Eighteen - Janet Evanovich Hi. My name is Carol and I'm a bookoholic.I've been reading ever since I can remember, but Goodreads seems to be contributing to my disease. I can't control myself. I'm always adding books to my "to-read" list, which is so long that if I stopped adding books today, I'd still have three years of books on it. Then there is the library, where a drive-by is part of my routine. It's on the way home from work, so it is really unavoidable. If I only make a quick stop to pick up a monthly read, that isn't a problem, is it? However, last time I was there I found this little number by Evanovich. I swore off the Stephanie Plum books a few numbers ago, but this one... it was on the New 14-Day Shelf. Why, that's free, not even a rental. How could I pass that up? After I finished, I felt a little dirty and rather regretful. This was a cheap drink bolted down, perfectly serviceable but lacking any soul. There are so many better books to be spending time with--why do I do this to myself?If you read any book between 8 and 17, you've read this book. No drag queens, but there is Joyce Barnhardt on the run, various oddball bondees getting the best of Steph and Lulu, Steph and Lulu ineptly breaking into a house, a bus blowing up, mom drinking, dad grunting, discussion of Lulu's clothes and eating habits, Grandma Mzur at a funeral, Connie running the business, Vinnie, car escapades, a '53 Buick, Ranger in black, Morelli in boxers, Rex and periodic attempts at kidnapping.However, it did make me laugh out loud twice. Granted, I was likely delirious after swimming two miles, but I did laugh at a henchman's frustrating interactions with Steph and Lulu (specifically, his inept English cursing for some reason, "Bitching bitches" just cracked me up), and an incident with rats (which kind of echoed her incident with a spider and various geese). There was also a semi-interesting plot device of referring to a significant incident that took place in Hawaii, where Steph was headed at the end of book #17. Naturally, everyone's curious what happened, but it takes a few days to find out.Of course, the usual complaints apply to this book: no forward character motion. Stereotypes that border on the ludicrous. I knew that going in, but with the two or three year break, they were less annoying than they would have been.Rounding up to two inept stars.Cross posted at http://clsiewert.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/explosive-eighteen-by-janet-evanovich-if-you-mean-in-that-ho-hum-kind-of-way/