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The Desert of Souls

The Desert of Souls - Howard Andrew Jones Very enjoyable; had a hard time putting it down, even for dinner. It's told from the viewpoint of the faithful warrior, which is an interesting take in fantasy--lots of bards, scholars and loveable scoundrels narrating, but not many warriors. It's an interesting viewpoint, because often his interpretations and solutions are very straightforward and honest. He tends to think strategically only when it comes to protecting his young master or in a fight. He pairs with a scholar, Dabir, and they end up on a quest, hoping to thwart an evil magician and his henchmen. Sounds like the stuff bedtime stories are made of, and it works. I enjoyed the level of detail; while the author used 8th century Arabia in describing people, setting and customs, he took enough liberties to make the area his own. A magical tale, and I look forward to his next. Didn't rate 5 stars just because I save that for my 'best' books, or 'need to own.'