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Flesh & Bone (Rot and Ruin Series #3)

Flesh and Bone - Jonathan Maberry

An in-between series book, with several major developments paving the way for a future ultimate conflict. It is worth reading if you are at all invested in a decent young-adult zombie series (yes, I realize that phrase may seem a contradiction in terms--however, they exist). Benny continues to waiver in that in-between land of almost-grown-up, warring with feelings of inadequacy, emotional loss and growing self-reliance. The group is in badlands-like area, and Benny gets caught in a ravine, and tries to save a little girl. Her rescue brings them to the attention of several opposing groups in the area, paving the way for a classic confrontation scenario. One of the groups seems to have a divine/religious focus, lending it a more stereotypical feel. Tension increased through the use of alternate viewpoints, including those of the antagonists, a technique that always sends my inner critic cringing. One of these days, someone will write the viewpoint of a flesh-eating zombie... (and yes, I know there are a couple books where the main characters are actually zombies. They are on my to-read, but it still isn't the same thing as the antagonistic zombie).


I wanted to re-read, but the local librarians were sending me hate mail (okay, an overdue notice), so I didn't get the chance. Overall, not quite as impressive as the earlier books in the series. There are a couple U-turns in the plot that could negatively impact the direction of the book Chong's exposure to the virus, a government conspiracy, the fundamentalists heading to their old town, but I'm hoping Maberry can surprise me.